Jacuzzi - Hot Tub


Chill in a 5 Star Hot Tub Spa. Alone or with your special one.

Pool - Swimming Spa


Swim Against The Stream. Burn more calories , have fun with your friends.

Massage Bath Tub


Therapy and fitness in your bathroom

Finnish Sauna and Hammam


Purify your body

Wellness Center


Avantageous offer for a hot tub spa and a sauna. Your entry in the fitness world.


Ati castigat o prelata Nordic, cu valoare intre 1200 si 5100 lei, gratuita la achizitionarea oricarui jacuzzy/hot tub. Trimiteti acum SMS cu textul "prelata Nordic 1213" la numarul : 0752301815 pentru a va valida premiul (tarif normal).

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