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The massage bath tub OUTDOORSPA, made with high quality products, are available in different shapes and sizes to meet any need of installation.


Massaging jets, soothing air bubbles and calming lights combine to let you create the perfect at-home spa. Quieter, more energy efficient water jets and stay clean features add extra comfort and peace of mind to the bathing experience. Want a little more forceful water jet? A new whirlpool  tub will be a perfect fit for your powerful massage. Want to feel like your relaxing on a pillow of bubbles? Try an OUTDOORSPA massage bath. Don’t just try to soak away your day. Get the most out of your time in the tub with a full immersion massage courtesy of an OUTDOORSPA massage bath, airbath or the ultimate.

OUTDOOR bath tub tanks have taps included, unless otherwise stated, traditional massage and chromotherapy. The massage tubs  are ready to use and require only water and electrical connections.

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Tub forms:       rectangle              rond              triangle              carre              oval

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