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The saunas and hammam OUTDOORSPA are delivered in a kit to be assembled, in an extremely simple manner.

It requires only the connection to the electrical system. Finnish sauna with the traditional system based on stove lava rock, is also known as “dry sauna”. The temperatures can be as high as 100°C with humidity usually not more than 10-20%.Features of these innovative and effective saunas are the total absence of steam (hot absolutely dry), the high capacity to detoxify the body, the effects of reduction of pain in general,  in any professional setting or at home, the very low consumption of exercise and the extreme simplicity of installation.






The hammam (turkish bath) OUTDOORSPA is made with high quality materials, resistant to high temperatures. The hammam, unlike the sauna, makes use of steam for the purification of the body through the skin perspiration, in an ambient saturated with moisture. With the traditional sauna, instead, there is no moisture inside the room but only heat. The hammam (turkish bath) OUTDOORSPA is constituted by a series of panels to be assembled, in a very simple way, by a tempered glass door and by a steam generator.

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